I guess I should introduce myself. Or, at least let you know a little bit about how this all came to be.

Earth’s Potions has been a brain child of mine for such a long time. Actually, the name came from a friend of mine (I’ve never been very good at putting labels on things). It took me quite a while to get up my nerve and finally go for it. Not a small feat for an old[er] woman.

I have wanted to make natural things for as long as I can remember. Hand made soaps and all that go along with them just seemed to fit the bill. Herbal infused oils. Tallow and Lard. Clays and powdered herbs for their properties and for coloring. Coffee and powdered cocoa. Goat’s milk and Oatmeal. Little or no processed salts. Essential oils.

Another thing that is very important to me and has been for ages is low waste. Using something more than once if it can be. Compostables. Biodegradability. Using the least amount of single use items as I possibly can. I have found a company that will let me package my things in clear “plastic like” bags that are totally biodegradable. That, my friend, is really cool!!

Now, my soaps and other things I make, won’t be the prettiest on the block. There will be a corner here and there that won’t be, well, perfectly cornered. They definitely won’t be cookie cutter type pieces. I don’t plan on putting extra time in on perfecting the appearance of things cause frankly I don’t want to pay for that and I really figure that few of you do either, but I will be as careful as I can about putting out something that I would, and will use, daily, on my skin, as well as my family’s, and have no qualms about.

Sounds boring, huh? Now, I’m not saying that at times I won’t drag out some wild color or totally oddball packaging. Throw in a little of this and a little of that! Life is too short to be boring!! This little venture is fun, and I most certainly mean to keep it that way! I just don’t think having fun and being careful with our resources are mutually exclusive.

Well, I hope I have made a beginning in you getting to know me a bit and I certainly hope that, in the near future, I get the privilege of getting to know you as well. I know it will take time and lots of hard work to earn your trust. I never was afraid of working hard. ‘Til we talk again.

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